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Why doctor's say cool rooms ='s better sleep?

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Gotta keep cool during summer months.

I don't know about y'all but living in Arizona it gets hot. Best ac to keep cool.

Our Clients Say

I've been using the 12,000 BTU Air Conditioner w/ HEAT MODE unit since the summer of 2020 as my sole lower-level cooling source and to help my furnace in the winter. I live in an old, not-very well-insulated small 2 BR farm house with NO central air in the U.P. of Michigan two hours north of Green Bay, WI. Summers here, though relatively short, can be hot, humid and miserable – winters here go without saying (cold as h***). This ONE unit, with the help of a few strategically placed fans, has done a decent job of keeping the house cool in the summer, cutting down on the humidity inside and keeping my propane furnace from kicking over as often in the winter when heat mode is on. My thoughts:

• Since 2020, absolutely NO mechanical issues whatsoever – cools & heats quickly and efficiently.
• Unit is on castors – it’s easily moveable and not too heavy if you need to lift it over stairs.
• Not overly loud when running – it’s no worse than most small window A/C’s I’ve used in the past (i.e., it doesn’t wake me up at night or startle me when it kicks over).

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