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Don't we all want Loyality, Respect, And Power?

I love it when the first thing people notice when they see me is. How much I have approved my freedom by letting go of fear and pain. It allowed me to drop over 75 lbs in 6months. Along with Man Greens, daily meditation, mindful eating and a workout routine. I was able to fulfill my desires to get back down to my acceptable body weight. I struggled just like most people through all the years of other products. It really hit me when I could barely tie my shoes in the mornings. The shame I felt from all the years. It made me sick to my stomach. Just downright horrible to feel that way about myself. That was it from there, I made the decision to not be at an unacceptable weight. It has been such an amazing journey. The easiest thing was the decision that I had. After that weight seemed to start to just disappear as the weeks and months clicked off. Just a small shift in the thought and feelings to gain limitless beliefs and feelings. It is my pleasure to share this with you my fellow Souls. Be blessed as Uchairsravas pulling Lord Surya's Chariot. 

Man Greens


Lots of supplement companies hide their doses and ingredients under a “proprietary blend” which is basically just in their words for giving full disclosure of what’s in their greens powder. But I’m doing things differently.

The Amazing Ingredients in Man Greens

Here’s exactly what’s inside every serving of Man Greens:

Ashwagandha (600mg)
Forskolin (250mg)
Maca (1.5g)
Spirulina (5g)
Beet Root Powder (1g)
Turmeric (500mg)
Spinach (1g)
Moringa Oleifera (1g)
Natural Orange Zest for flavor

What Souls Are Saying

"I had so much energy in bed after taking. It was the feeling of pure Kama Sutra. How it gave me the passion and desire to overcome my lets say small problem. Wink, Wink. Don't wait as long as I did. I had to wait in between cycles. They ended up running out of stock when I went to reorder. Get-U-Some Love."

Paul Hutcherson, Product Designer


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Last updated: July 28, 2023.

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